Wedding & Event Trends 2022 (Forecasts & Expert Opinions)

wedding and event trends 2022

2021 has been a year of change, innovation, and stepping into the unknown.

Regardless of how we thought the year was going to pan out, it’s turned into something completely different.

Nevertheless, on the bright side, we can always have something to look forward to when looking at what’s new for the year to come, and then planning accordingly to bring fun and trendy elements back for your next round of clients.

Here is a list of Wedding & Event Trends 2022 that we think will be the most important.

wedding trends 2022 pantone colour

1. Pantone’s colour of 2022

For its 2022 Colour of the Year, global colour authority Pantone has invented a new shade: it’s a happy, vibrant periwinkle blue with violet and red undertones!

According to Pantone, the shade 17-3938 ‘Very Peri’ is the “happiest and warmest of all the blue hues”, blending the “faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red”.

In an attempt to deliver an impactful “mix of newness”, this colour embodies a “carefree confidence” and curiosity that “animates [Pantone’s] creative spirit”.

That being said, ‘Very Peri’ also symbolises the many challenges that the world is currently facing as it looks to move past the isolation and uncertainty of the pandemic.

2. In-person events are back, but hybrid is here to stay

Live events are back!

For the first time since forever ago, we can confidently say that comfort levels are rising when it comes to meeting in person.

Although, don’t get too excited – this doesn’t mean that hybrid events are going to disappear anytime soon.

Despite the return to in-person events, many planners are insistent that they will still continue to make room for hybrid events and other virtual aspects – why?

Well, to maintain the following benefits.

First, when a hybrid event is set up, it essentially becomes disaster-proof.

And second, in case of any issues with the venue and/or changing health guidelines, organisers are in a better position to carry on with the show (even if it needs to pivot to 100% virtual at the last minute).

3. Streamlined health and safety protocols

Did you know that attendee safety is reported as the biggest obstacle when it comes to event planning?

That’s right – Covid-19 has placed sanitary measures at the forefront of the public’s mind, and there are plenty of event planners who maintain that commitment to following local health guidelines is the most important concern in venue selection.

Therefore, while the return of live events sounds promising, it also means that event planners may need to face a whole new host of challenges, such as checking the vaccination status of all attendees as well as requiring negative Covid-19 tests for venue entrance.


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4. Micro-events continue to grow

Since large gatherings are still capped, most people have turned their focus to intimate wedding celebrations and micro-events instead.

For instance, instead of organising a full-day conference, a micro-event would focus only on a small segment of the usual event format.

These micro-events are oftentimes organised for small groups as the government still recommends that large gatherings should be avoided, and while these events are kept more simple than grandiose, this doesn’t mean your micro-event is forced to lose any of its character and charm!

In fact, micro-events may even provide a greater and more intimate experience for your attendees.

wedding and event trends 2022

5. Small and intimate weddings

It should come as no surprise that in recent times, couples have begun to favour quality over quantity with their guest lists ranging from 45-70 people.

There is a newfound focus here on celebrating with one’s closest family and friends instead of almost everybody they know, creating an extra special and sentimental celebration to be remembered for years to come.

We predict a continuation of more intimate and personalised décor at events for the new year, as well as the selecting of locations that “combine elements of indoor and outdoor atmospheres”.

For instance, backyard weddings have been especially popular and we expect them to continue to boom in the upcoming year as well for both safety and comfort.

Inside-out weddings, i.e. those which flow from the house into the garden, will be particularly popular as couples continue to embrace the open-air message of the past year.

This means you can expect back doors to be thrown open and wedding décor that bursts from the interior to the exterior, creating a whimsical, playful, garden wedding experience.

small weddings, wedding trends 2022

With this move towards smaller weddings, guest experience has also become paramount and no expense should be spared in transforming one’s home into a worthy wedding venue.

Rustic, industrial-chic, country, and whimsical wedding ceremony trends are both intimate and cosy.

These wedding styles are a blend of nature and modernity, but with an intimate twist.

That being said, these weddings also offer some fun food options that would be difficult to pull off when hosting larger events.

For instance, food trucks, appetizers only, and picnic baskets are all great options for more intimate settings.

6. The power of clean and tranquil spaces

We expect to see more in the way of spatial design in the new year that speaks to tranquillity, wellness and peace.

Comfortable, warm, and uncluttered spaces may very well become the new direction for a post-pandemic era, with audiences now acutely wellness-forward and embracive of mindfulness.

With this, we expect the menus and themes will likely be centred on the same principles as well.

wedding trends, bold colours for 2022

7. Design trends and its take on bold colours

We feel that 2022 will see far more bright and bold colours in décor, but especially in flowers and other arrangements.

These bright colours include pink, blue, green, and orange families that appear to make the biggest and boldest of statements at spring and summer weddings.

We also believe that clients may start requesting flowers with more colour to express optimism and empowerment.

For instance, they may want to use flowers as their medium to spread positivity and joy during this time.

These colours can be anything from bright yellow to symbolise messages of encouragement, to fiery orange that represents positive energy and feelings of excitement.

Oh, and don’t think that the spray paint trend has been forgotten!

Bright colours can be illustrated much better with a few bright spray painted greenery accents, but for those who aren’t as bold, these bright colours can also be portrayed through the use of different colour glasses and candles on the tables.


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8. Finding comfort in nostalgia

There has definitely been a shift towards nostalgia this past year – in response to a pandemic-era audience, living in an unrecognisable world and seeking familiarity, we feel that nostalgia will begin to drive entertainment and design,

After numerous pandemic-related curveballs, most brides have given up on the idea of planning “the perfect wedding”.

Instead, we’re seeing more sentimental décor and furniture that speaks to finding beauty in life’s imperfections – the standing tradition of ‘something old’ is undoubtedly taking on new life.

9. Two words: sequel weddings

Due to the fact that numerous weddings are being postponed or cancelled, sequel weddings are gaining popularity.

The idea here is to get legally married, have a small ‘pre’-wedding now, and then celebrate the union as originally intended or envisioned at a later stage.

Remember, postponing your wedding is completely normal, so be sure to stay true to your vision and don’t forget that sequel weddings mean double the celebration!

neutrals with a pop of colour, event and wedding trends 2022

10. Neutrals with the right pop of colour

Minimalistic design and eco-friendliness are among the top trends of 2022.

The most popular colour palette around is neutrals with pops of green, which is essentially a nod towards a more basic-to-basics or less-is-more approach.

Embracing more earthy tones and textures, this décor includes terracotta pots, driftwood, and linen napkins with more honeyed and neutral colours.

Of course, one can expect pops of brighter rust, amber and coral tones, but really what this trend evokes is a more sophisticated take on the traditional pastel pinks and whites.

Our personal favourite involves soft pink hues mixed with coffees, caramels and silky ivories for a more layered and affluent effect – regardless, the trick here is to pick three colours that can exist together in harmony for a more put-together look.

wedding and event trends for 2022

11. Adding ambiance and statement pieces

Nothing adds spectacle and flair to a wedding like gorgeous lighting.

Sure, candles and twinkly lights will always be a favourite, but chandeliers add ambiance and are a statement like no other.

These decorative hanging lights are amazing focal points in any space, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues.

They initiate the kind of romance we all expect from a fairy-tale, and are perfect for garden-inspired and whimsical weddings.

Wedding dress trends: boo tubes, bling and bows

12. Wedding dress trends: boob tubes, bling and bows

When it comes to bridal couture for the imminent wedding season, the trend is all about embracing movement.

Shades of blush, elaborate layering, elegant ruffles, grosgrain ribbons, bows and frothy tulle are all set to take the stage as key features in upcoming wedding gowns, so start practicing your bridal strides and get ready to swish those sheer and voluptuous layers – what a way to make an entrance!

This past season saw an influx of ballet touches too from tutu-esque skirts to leotard-like necklines, but it didn’t end there.

Bows and ribbons made a huge comeback as well, and so did sheer details and ballerina-pink palettes that were both dreamy and yet refined.

What did we tell you about nostalgia?

We expect this trend to continue into the new year.

Wedding dress trends: boo tubes, bling and bows

Underwear as outerwear is making its way down the aisle once again, but this time it’s less sexy and more regal than ever before.

New non-boudoir, Bridgerton-inspired corsets are being paired with sheer tulle, gossamer laces, and embroidery for a royal wedding-worthy feel.

Not interested in this trend but still looking to be trendy?

Well then, look no further.

It seems as though designers everywhere have been adding tons of sparkles to wedding gowns and brides are simply loving it.

By adding sparkle, beading and sequins to your gown, you can either bring out your inner goddess or embrace your inner rockstar.

Wedding dress trends: boo tubes, bling and bows

Another trend that we’re obsessed with is gowns with sleeves. And no, not the traditional kind!

Tulle has always been a staple for wedding gowns but designers are punching up the look but incorporating large, pillowy sleeves for a more unique look.

Strapless or shoulderless gowns have also made a comeback and have been embraced for accentuating the neck and décolletage areas.

Here’s to 2022!

In view of these emerging and innovative trends, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the new year at The Aleit Academy where we offer a full-time Diploma Course in Event Coordination over 3 years.

We love to create and traverse all-new trends with our students, so come and explore with us by applying today!


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