We’ve always been committed to providing support and guidance to our students on a very personal and individualised basis. We remain the only institution in the industry that’s able to practically prepare our graduates to pursue any career in the hospitality and events industry, and to hit the ground running when they enter the job market. Over the years we’ve developed a vast network of placement partners that consist of highly reputable industry professionals and companies we believe can offer our students the very best in practical experience.

What Students Can Expect

First year students complete their practical hours as service staff at DIENS Hospitality as a means to be exposed to venue spaces, as well as what to expect from the different scale of events – ranging from very large to very intimate events and weddings. They’ll start getting an idea of the type of niches within the industry that may appeal to them. By getting to know different service providers in the industry, they will also be able to start considering where they could potentially complete their future internships.

Second year students complete their internal job-shadowing within a host of event- and hospitality-related businesses that form part of The Aleit Group. This experience gives students exposure to the industry and offers insight into the possibilities available for completing their external internships.  

Laurent is a luxury wedding and events venue based near campus on Lourensford Wine Estate, and is also the Academy’s luxury training facility where students will start gaining practical experience as they move through their three-year course. Second year students will get to experience the staff management side of the industry, as they will be assisting DIENS Hospitality and the Laurent team as floor managers and bar managers at functions. 

In their final year of studies, third year students have the opportunity to be the venue manager and experience booking procedures, conducting site visits, social media management, as well as on-the-day event coordination at Laurent. 

This allows students to practically experience what they have learned throughout their theoretical studies. It also gives them the necessary confidence to walk into the industry as well-rounded project managers. 

In addition, third years have the opportunity to experience two external internships at organisations operating within the areas of specialistion they might be considering as potential career paths after their studies. 

Are you an employer looking for quality interns?

Internships with industry partners such as yourself, are an important part of the learning outcomes for our students. We strongly believe that taking on an intern is mutually beneficial for both our student(s) and your company.

Our Diploma in Event Coordination is accredited by CATHSSETA (NQF level 5). The completion of relevant internships is an integral course component for our students, and a requirement for successful course completion.

When placing our students in external internships, we carefully select companies for each student that would be best suited according to the student’s strengths and interests. We also place students with internship superiors that will complement their personalities best to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for both the student and the superior.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming one of our industry placement partners, download our internship brochure, or get in touch with us today.


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