Option 1: Payment Plans

Upon request, we do offer a range of personalised payment plans to help make studying at The Aleit Academy more affordable. All payment plans are interest-free. An enrolment deposit is payable upon acceptance, after which the agreed personalised payment plan will take effect.

If you need a personalised payment plan, this can be discussed with our team directly.

Option 2: Student Loans

Student loan assistance is also available. We have partnered with an external company Student Hero, to make student loan applications quick and hassle-free. If you require a student loan, their details will be shared with you once your application has been successful.

Their services include helping you apply to all the major credit providers (Banks) in South Africa, while ensuring that your loan application process is professional, and takes place as quickly as possible. The good news… they help you for free!

Option 3: Scholarship

The Aleit Swanepoel Memorial Scholarship The Aleit Swanepoel Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a deserving student who does not have the financial means to afford the full tuition or the various payment options available for our full-time Diploma.

If you are interested in applying for a full scholarship, please visit for more details about the application process.