The Aleit Academy Lecturers | Meet the Team

The dream of building South Africa’s best tertiary institution specifically for event coordination started 13 years ago when creative, the late Aleit Swanepoel, and business partner, Hans Roosenschoon, saw the rising need for professionally educated event coordinators. 

The very first Aleit Academy intake had their lectures in more of a mentorship capacity – around a table in a Stellenbosch coffee shop. With no specific curriculum or any additional workshops, five students learnt from the best of the best in the wedding and event’s industry, Aleit Swanepoel, founder of The Aleit Group. From the early 2000s, the incredibly versatile hospitality and event industry has grown tremendously and boasts a wide variety of job opportunities in different fields. 

Since then, The Aleit Academy team has grown in leaps and bounds, and now four dynamic professionals run the Academy with an iron fist.

  • Nicola Bernardo, our mom in the team, is usually the first contact you will have with the Academy. As the Head of The Aleit Academy, she is responsible for the application processes, spends time developing the courses, lectures three learner programmes and is our student accommodation manager.
  • Bianca Rijnsburger has been with the team for the longest and is our Course Executive. She designs all our students’ lecture schedules, lectures three learner programmes, coordinates the internal job shadowing within The Aleit Group as well as the second-year workshops and the development of short courses.
  • Markus Botha-Fortuin is our in-house project manager / event coordinator and he works hard to coordinate all the first-year’s charity events. He also facilitates 4 learner programmes at The Aleit Academy including, Introduction to Project Management and Events, Project Design and Development, Communications &  Travel, Tourism and Hospitality.
  • Finally, Annabelle du Plessis, is the latest addition to the team – also an Aleit Academy Graduate (2019). She runs the first-year student practical hours, does all the student internship placements and also lectures a learner programme in Health and Safety.

The Importance of Education and a Strong Faculty: Unlocking Boundless Opportunities

In the pursuit of a brighter future, education stands as a beacon of hope and a pathway to success. As students embark on their educational journey, the significance of a strong faculty cannot be overstated. At Aleit Academy, we understand the vital role that education and a dedicated faculty play in shaping the lives of our students. Join us as we delve into the profound importance of education and the transformative impact of a robust teaching staff.

Education serves as a catalyst for personal growth, enabling individuals to develop essential skills that empower them throughout their lives. From the moment we embark on our educational journey, we begin to refine our communication abilities. Through the acquisition of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, education provides a solid foundation for effective expression, fostering confidence and facilitating meaningful connections with others.

Furthermore, education nurtures critical thinking, a skill indispensable for navigating the complexities of the modern world. By honing the ability to analyse, evaluate, and solve problems, students become equipped with the tools necessary to make informed decisions. The cultivation of logical reasoning and creativity not only enhances problem-solving capabilities but also fosters innovation and effective time management, essential qualities for success in any endeavor.

Beyond personal growth, education opens doors to a myriad of opportunities in the professional sphere. A strong educational background not only equips individuals with the knowledge and skills required for their desired careers but also enhances their employability. Employers consistently seek candidates with educational qualifications, recognising that a well-rounded education instills discipline, perseverance, and a thirst for continuous learning. With a strong foundation, individuals are more likely to secure better jobs and embark on fulfilling career paths.

At Aleit Academy, we recognise the immense significance of education and the instrumental role played by our esteemed faculty. Our dedicated facilitators go above and beyond to provide an enriching and nurturing learning environment, fostering a love for knowledge and igniting the flames of curiosity within each student. With their expertise and passion, our faculty members inspire students to dream big, empowering them to reach their full potential.

In conclusion, education stands as a cornerstone of personal development. From empowering individuals with essential skills and knowledge, the impact of education is far-reaching. A strong faculty is the catalyst that propels students towards success, shaping their minds and nurturing their aspirations. At Aleit Academy, we embrace the transformative power of education and stand firmly committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for every student who walks through our doors. Join us on this remarkable journey of discovery, growth, and boundless possibilities.