The 15 Best Event Management Courses In South Africa

Event Management Courses 2021 - Aleit Academy

There are a lot of event management courses to choose from and it can be difficult to find the right one for you.

In order to get ahead in the event management industry in South Africa, hard work and dedication are only the beginning.

We’ve heard it said “it’s not what you know, but who you know”, and in an industry such as this, it does, at least to some extent, ring true.

Dedication and hard work are all well and good, but a stellar education is what you really need to back it all up.

Thankfully, South Africa is home to a number of world-class schools offering their uniquely designed event management courses and curricula.

From degrees in event management and related areas, to diplomas and shorter certificate courses, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to formal event management training in South Africa.

That’s why we created a list of the 15 best event management courses in South Africa, so you can choose the perfect one.

Event Management Courses 2021 - Aleit Academy

1. The Aleit Academy

Fast Fact File:

  • Diploma course | Full-time | 3 years
  • Somerset West

At the Aleit Academy, lecturers and educators all believe in the power of an idea, and their fully registered and accredited three year diploma course is geared toward equipping ambitious young event managers to become qualified and savvy industry professionals who can bring their clients’ wildest dreams to life without breaking a sweat.

Presented in partnership with The Aleit Group, The Aleit Academy Full-time National Diploma is a combination qualification which incorporates all the different facets of the Hospitality and Event Management & Planning industries.

With practical training high up on the priority list, all Aleit Academy graduates already have relevant project management experience in the bag when they cross the stage at graduation.

With three years of full time study on the gorgeous campus at Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West, coupled with the practical, hands-on experience Aleit Academy students are afforded, their graduates are perfectly poised to make a mark on the industry from day one of their post-graduation careers.

The Aleit Academy’s inclusive and detailed approach to event coordination training allows their students to discover their niche, and the unique area of expertise in which they flourish, before they even graduate and head into the industry for themselves.

Many graduates of the Academy go on to work for The Aleit Group and other prominent creative businesses.

For more information, visit The Aleit Academy.


2. Get Smarter UCT Online Short Course

Get Smarter UCT Online Short Course

Fast Fact File:

  • Short Course (online), certificate (10 weeks)
  • University of Cape Town, online campus

An online short course offered by the internationally recognized University of Cape Town, this 10-week short course is for those who are raring to hit the ground running and are keen to get their certification done and dusted in the minimum amount of time.

That’s not to say that this short course is not ultra-comprehensive! Covering everything from risk management to the latest industry trends in a conveniently structured 10-module, 10-week course, this certification is taught by an experienced event management specialist.

Gain the skills to design, administer and market events of any size in the South African context, and from someone who’s already paid their dues and found success on South African industry soil.

For more information, visit UCT Get Smarter.


3. MANCOSA Higher Certificate in Events Management

Fast Fact File:

  • 1 year Higher Certificate
  • Remote Learning (Online Qualification)

The MANCOSA Higher Certificate in Events Management is offered entirely online, making it an appealing option for those who live in more remote parts of the country, or who can otherwise not reliably commute to a physical campus for classes.

It is a fully accredited and registered NQF Level 5 qualification, and requires a minimum of 12 months to successfully complete.

Assessment formats include projects, short essay questions, and regular “knowledge checks”. Students are not required to sit traditional examinations.

Take control of your own education with self-directed learning with MANCOSA.

To find out more about this Higher Certificate, visit MANCOSA‘s website.



4. Varsity College Higher Certificate in Event Management

Varsity College Higher Certificate in Event Management

Fast Fact File:

  • 1 Year Program, Higher Certificate In Event Management
  • Study at any of the available campuses

From covering the basics of office and presentation software use, to the nitty-gritty of coordinating and executing an event, the Varsity College Higher Certificate in Event Management is the true beginner’s guide to event management.

Including a module in Public Relations, this one-year-long higher certificate prepares event management students not only for jobs in the hospitality industry, but also for parallel opportunities in the marketing and PR industries.

With campuses in Cape Town, Durban, PE, Pretoria, Pietermaritzburg, Sandton and Midrand, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to campuses! Study as close to or as far away from home as your heart desires!

For more information, or to find out if your nearest campus offers this course, visit Varsity College.


5. CPUT University Short Course in Event Management

CPUT National Diploma in Event Management

Fast Fact File:

  • Short course (6 months [40 hours])
  • Cape Town Campus

A short course designed to provide as much theoretical knowledge as possible in as short a period of time as possible, the CPUT University Short Course in Event Management is a cost-effective solution that is ideal for those pursuing further education while holding down full-time jobs.

Classes are only held once a week at the Graduate Centre for Management, and are held after business hours, allowing those who work a standard 9 – 5 to attend without having to put in for time off.

For more information on the Short Course, visit CPUT Short Courses.


6. Oakfields College

Oakfields College

Fast Fact File:

  • Short program, certificate (10 weeks, part time)
  • 3 hours per week
  • Available at Pretoria & Somerset West campuses

Oakfields College firmly believes that dreaming is just another form of planning.

If you’d like to learn how to take dreaming one step further and turn it into mastery of professional events planning, their ten week, part-time certification offering may just be for you.

Students of Oakfield College find themselves thrown into the deep end, involved in planning an event from start to finish, all in only ten weeks!

For more information, visit Oakfields College.


7. Boston City Campus Diploma in Event Management

Boston City Campus Diploma in Event Management

Fast Fact File:

  • 3 year Diploma in Event Management
  • Distance Learning, with support from any Boston City Campus

Boston City Campus’s Diploma in Event Management is unique in that students undertake to complete their nationally accredited certifications via distance-learning, with their nearest Boston City campus acting as a Support Center.

While this diploma can be completed in a minimum of three years, students can register for the diploma course and space their studies out across up to nine years; perfect for those hoping to obtain an accredited Diploma on a self-regulated part-time study basis.

Complete those modules for which you have the time, and defer those for which you don’t, as long as you obtain all the necessary credits within nine consecutive years!

For more information, visit Boston City Campus.


8. College SA Event Management Short Courses

Fast Fact File:

  • A combination of 5 independent short courses
  • Certificate of completion without national accreditation
  • Distance learning

Organized like a video game in which you can level up as you keep playing, College SA’s five independent short courses begin by covering the basics and offering increasingly more involved, and more advanced short courses. Each course stands on the shoulders of the course which precedes it, meaning students can either play the tutorial, so to speak, and start at square one, or jump in midway depending on their existing industry knowledge!

With short courses ranging from 2 to 8 months in duration, students can opt to complete only that which they know they have time for; and certificates are awarded upon the completion of each of the five short courses.

These certificates are, however, not nationally accredited, and are merely certificates of completion from College SA.

For more information, visit College SA.


9. Rosebank College

Rosebank College

Fast Fact File:

  • 1 year, full time Higher Certificate in Event Management
  • At selected campuses only (Pretoria, Braamfontein, Cape Town, Durban)
  • Distance learning options available

An educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), Rosebank College’s Higher Certificate in Event Management is a one year, full-time undertaking offered at four of their campuses. Distance learning options are also available, but must be discussed and arranged with a student advisor prior to registration.

For more information, visit Rosebank College.


10. Oxbridge Academy Event Management Course

Oxbridge Academy Event Management Course

Fast Fact File:

  • Short learning program in events management, 8 months
  • Full time or part time study at home (distance learning)

An unaccredited short learning program, Oxbridge Academy’s Event Management Course is perhaps best suited to students who are concerned with learning the practical ins and outs of event management, and are less concerned about the piece of paper they receive upon graduating.

With no minimum entry requirements (no matric required), Oxbridge Academy’s Event Management Course is perfect for those who were driven to terminate secondary school early, whether dictated by circumstances, or purely by choice. Oxbridge Academy believes in accessible education for all.

A vocational course in event management, Oxbridge Academy’s offering gets down to brass tacks and teaches students the nuts and bolts of surviving in the event management industry.

For more information, visit Oxbridge Academy.


11. iQ Academy Events Coordinator Short Course

Fast Fact File:

  • Short Course Certificate
  • 6 – 12 month course duration
  • Remote Learning (Online Qualification)

Designed for working professionals, iQ Academy’s Event Coordinator short course is the definition of flexible study. While the course can be completed in as little as six months, students have the advantage of being able to pace their studies and have up to a year to complete the relevant modules in order to obtain their certification.

Being an entirely online study option, students can complete their learning whenever, wherever – making this short course ideal for those looking to up-skill themselves on the fly, or those who work full-time and can only study nights and weekends.

For more information on iQ Academy and the Event Coordinator short course, visit their website.


12. SACOB Short Courses in Conference & Event Management

SACOB Short Courses in Conference & Event Management

Fast Fact File:

  • Short Course, 10 week certificate program
  • Online classroom

Another distance learning opportunity, The South African College of Business (SACOB)’s short course in conference & event management span a 10-week period and students are rewarded with a certificate for their efforts.

There are no minimum educational requirements for registration for the short course.

For more information, visit SACOB.


13. Skills Academy Event Management Courses

Skills Academy Event Management Courses

Fast Fact File:

  • A variety of short courses, certificates and comprehensive certificates
  • Distance learning only

Specializing in producing wedding planners par excellence, Skills Academy short courses cater to those just starting out, and those who already have the basics down pat.

With short course, certificate courses, and comprehensive certificates on offer, Skills Academy offers both specialized wedding planning courses as well as general events management courses.

For more information, visit Skills Academy.


14. UNISA Semester Module in Events Management

Fast Fact File:

  • Semester Module for the purposes of pursuing a related undergraduate degree
  • Online/Distance Learning

Earn 12 credits toward your related undergraduate degree when you take UNISA’s semester-long module in Events Management.

Learn how to leverage operational and management skills in the planning of various types of events and conventions.

For more information, visit UNISA.


15. International Hotel School Higher Certificate in Event Management

International Hotel School Higher Certificate in Event Management

Fast Fact File:

  • Higher Certificate in Events Management, 1 year
  • Distance Learning

The International Hotel School’s Higher Certificate in Event Management is a one- to two-year course aimed at equipping graduates for entry into the industry.

Offering an online learning platform, coupled with work-integrated learning opportunities, the IHS Higher Certificate in Events Management is a one of a kind hybrid qualification combining the benefits of distance learning with those of hands-on experience.

You can find more information by visiting the International Hotel School website.