2020: Six weeks in

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the new year, our third-year students had an early start to the new year too! They immediately jumped into their finance subject with guest Lecturer, Erica Heunis on the 14th of January already. And the pressure was on. These 32 students were ready to complete this challenging subject and to start planning their next round of internships that started on the 24th of February.

We are excited to be able to include new internship companies like Miss South Africa, Blomstories, Image Avenue, Gorgeous George Rooftop, Warren-Stone Weddings and Iron Man to our list this year. We are also very excited about our old favourites who always welcome students with a smile.

The beautiful second year ladies were thrown into the deep end with their internal internships that started soon thereafter. From Floor Managers, to wedding coordinators, to creatives, these girls are making their names known in the industry. They have already worked on so many events with The Aleit team and we just love seeing them grow in the office. It’s truly incredible to see how much our students mature from their first year to the end of these internal internships.

Whilst half of the 2nd year students completed their internships, we have another group of 2nd years who are building much needed skills through attending workshops with talented industry professionals. These workshops include Visual Merchandising presented by Olive Studios, Floral design by Epanouir Flowers, InDesign by StellieTech, our dear friends from Vizion Photography on the basics of Photography as well as Dynamikos on Fire Safety and First Aid level 1 and lastly a Preliminary Wine course by Cape Wine Academy.

The amount of talent these students have and the amount of skills they learn in such a short period of time is incredible.


It was a beautiful day in January, when we welcomed our new first year students to campus to start their new journey in the leading industry of Event Coordination.

It is a day filled with joy and laughter for some, while others were teary eyed when they had to say goodbye to their parents. It’s the start of a new journey. A journey that we are excited to be part of!

Here at the Aleit Academy, we do not take things slowly. In their very first two week on campus, they already completed their practical training, they had their first-year braai, induction day and their first-year photo shoot. They have chosen two awesome Student Forum representatives and had a social with the second- year group, to get to know each other. On top of this, they started with their first three subjects. They are just having the time of their lives!

Shake and Serve didn’t waste any time either. All of the first years have already worked at two or three events. Learning the ins and outs of weddings and corporate events. We just love how they all have a story to share when entering the class after the weekend.

2020 is a year for new and great challenges. All our students are building on finding their dream jobs and we love seeing their passion and enthusiasm in the industry. The energy they bring to the table is truly next level.

These students are really making us proud.