Internship (All The Do’s & Dont’s You Should Know)

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noun: internship; plural noun: internships

The position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

“they encouraged students to apply for newspaper internships”



At the Aleit Academy we present a Diploma course in Event Coordination and we are situated on the beautiful Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West.

This one-of-a-kind course is accredited by CATHSSETA and on a NQF level 5.

Our 3-year course is designed and developed to have a 50/50 ratio for the theory and practical.

Each student is required to complete 14 Learner Programmes and 1900 practical hours to successfully complete their diploma. 1000 of the 1900 hours required will be completed through external placements during their second- and third year of studies.

This ratio gives our students the opportunity to receive hands-on training in all the different fields of the Event and Hospitality industry as well as learning about the phases and elements of Event Coordination.

Do’s and Don’ts of an internship:

Before you start an amazing journey of an internship, make sure to know a few do’s and don’ts during your period with the internship company.

  • Show up early (at least 15 min). If you see that you will be late, let your superior know, even if it is only 2 minutes. A simple WhatsApp will suffice.
  • Eat breakfast at home before work starts – Do not waste time with this at work, even if your colleagues eat at work.
  • Make sure personal hygiene is taken care of; wash your hair, keep your fingernails clean and tidy (no chipped cutex, rather take it off)
  • Dress appropriately for your work environment.
  • Like their social media pages before you start in order to stay updated on what they have done so far or what they are busy with.
  • Research the brand/company – know what they have done/achieved recently.
  • Research your superiors – know their name before you get there if possible.
  • Take your own easy lunch – not something that needs much prepping or time to eat. Don’t assume you have a lunch hour, follow the crowd.
  • Keep substantial snacks on you, in your car, in your handbag, in case of a day shift unknowingly turning into a night shift.
  • Put your cellphone on silent/vibrate and avoid making/ taking personal calls unless it I an emergency. Always excuse yourself when taking a call.
  • Do insert important numbers on your phone.
  • Take your own headache pills, tampons/pads & plasters.
  • Have back up heels & makeup in your car for meetings.
  • Have a set of event clothes and necessities in your car for any unforeseen long nights
  • Download google maps – you’ll need it!
  • Research the locations you need to be before the time – GOOGLE
  • Always allow extra travel time – you never know what will happen on the roads
  • Never ask to take a late lunch or a day off, except if really necessary – you are the intern.
  • Do put in extra hours if need be.
  • Do not talk about your personal life too much and don’t do things for your personal life at work. Leave personal matters at home.
  • Don’t overstep any boundaries. Keep in mind that you are an intern and your ultimate goal is to learn and provide as much value as possible.
  • Do remember that you are in a professional setting, and you will be treated as a professional. It is expected that you behave professionally at all times throughout your internship.
  • Do make a difference in the office – offer to assist them and make their lives easier and get to know your colleagues a bit – on a professional level of course.
  • Don’t forget to take every chance to shine and stand out. That way, if there’s a job opening in the future, you might be the first person that comes to mind!
  • If you don’t know, ask – if you should know, google – If you can’t, say yes and figure out how to do it later.
  • Do try and schedule regular meetings with your internship supervisor.
  • Do communicate!
  • Do offer your ideas or thoughts.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions when things are unclear. To get the most out of your internship, you need to be open to learning new skills and techniques.
  • Never Assume Anything.
  • Don’t be loud and disturb the peace.
  • Don’t wear earphones unless you see it as appropriate.

  • Don’t be negative – be friendly and uplifting.
  • Always ensure your laptop and phone is charged when you get to work or an event shift – carry an extra charger with you at all times.
  • Don’t go out on a late night the evening before a work day.
  • Use any free time to rest, relax and recharge
  • Do make sure you leave your internship with new skills, a better understanding of your field, and tangible accomplishments.
  • Check your emails regularly for updates.
  • Never make a promise to a client, they can legally keep you to your promise and sue you.
  • Do set specific goals for your internship so you know exactly what you want to accomplish. These can often be defined with your internship coordinator and/or supervisor as well.
  • Don’t expect all internships to be paid. We wish they all were, but many are not. And
  • Do consider accepting both paid and non-paid internships; some of the best internships may not be paid.
  • Don’t expect internships to just be handed to you; internships must be earned, as with any job.
  • Do send thank you letters to all people who interview you — and all the people who help you find an internship.
  • Do enjoy your internship — even when you are doing the inevitable grunt work many interns do as part of “paying your dues.”
  • Don’t burn any bridges — even if your internship was not the best.
  • Do ensure you complete your assignments on time.
  • Do update your résumé with accomplishments from your internship. Your résumé should be full of talking points that can be used in future interviews.

Interview Guidelines:

We carefully suggest internships that would suit each individual student’s need at The Academy.

The Placement coordinators make initial contact with possible internship companies and then the students have the opportunity to meet them to ensure that they feel comfortable with the company before their internship commence.

When you are going through a meet-and-greet or an interview process before the internship, make sure to apply these simple guidelines:

  • Do: Prepare
  • Analyze the job requirements and the employer and be prepared to share compelling reasons why you would be a good fit. Also ask for the street address of the interview location (and, if appropriate, the floor of a building, and/or office number).
  • Do: Make a Good First Impression
  • Dress the part of someone successful in your chosen field.
  • Sit up straight during the interview. 
  • Make regular eye contact.
  • Show energy and enthusiasm through your vocal tone and listen carefully to each question before jumping in with a response.
  • Do: Sell Yourself
  • Do: Ask Questions
  • Remember that you are interviewing the employer as much as the employer is interviewing you.
  • Do turn off or mute your cellphone, and put it out of sight
  • Don’t: Be Negative
  • Never criticize any previous employers, supervisors, or co-workers during a job interview.
  • DON’T chew gum during the interview. Also, DON’T smoke before the interview – you’ll end up smelling like smoke if you do.
  • Don’t: Change the Truth
  • Avoid the temptation to exaggerate when addressing your skills and accomplishments.
  • Don’t: Be Late
  • Be on time for your interview and remember to take into account that you’ll likely want a few minutes to situate yourself, organize your notes, and maybe use the restroom. You should leave early enough to arrive at the interview no more than five to 10 minutes before it starts.
  • Don’t: Forget to Use Common Sense
  • Dressing or behaving too casually can raise questions about your professionalism, as can things like checking your cell phone during the interview.
  • DON’T say anything negative about former colleagues, supervisors, or employers.
  • Don’t: Say the internship is not for you
  • Fake it for that moment if you have to, but do not mention to the interviewer that you think the position is not for you. You can send a proper worded email after a day to let the company know that you will unfortunately not be taking the internship.
  • Don’t: Mention your other options
  • Let the interviewer believe that this was and is your only option. Do not mention your other internship companies you would rather want to go to, this will slim your chances with the company you are interviewing with and cause negativity and uncertainty.
  • DON’T answer questions with a simple “yes” or “no.” Explain whenever possible.
  • DON’T bring up or discuss personal issues or family problems.
  • DON’T over-answer questions. Sharing too much information (TMI) can be more damaging than not sharing enough.


What to do when you feel ‘bored’:

If you are busy with your internship and your superior is too busy to formally give you something to do, you sometimes start feeling bored.

Here are a few suggestions of things to do when you get “bored” at the office:

  • Ask someone to assist with something
  • Research | Research | Research
  • Neaten the office
  • Neaten the cupboard
  • Update the calendars
  • Improve systems
  • Create social media posts
  • NO Facebook
  • NO earphones
  • Make coffee | tea
  • NEVER ask to go home early!


Dress code:

Last but never the least. Dress code is extremely important as people really do judge a book by its cover.

Here are a few ideas what to wear to work and what definitely not to wear to work:

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