Elements That Get Underestimated at Events

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noun: event; plural noun: events

  1. a thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance.
  2. a planned public or social occasion.

When planning an event there are a few parts or elements at an event that you book or order without even thinking about it, like catering, a bar, tables and chairs, cutlery and crockery, etc.

At any event you also want amazing lighting to create an atmosphere, music to not have awkward silences, a professional photographer, and décor to make the venue look beautiful.

At The Aleit Academy our students get the opportunity to coordinate several events throughout their 3 years. Most of these events are fundraising, charity events or functions with very strict budgets. That means that you cannot hire in all those beautiful elements that you would have wanted, which you think will not make a big difference, but in the end you miss it!


Here are a few elements that you sometimes underestimate when putting together an event with a very tight budget:

1. Fairy lights, naked bulbs or mood lighting

When you are coordinating a large event or wedding, this becomes an element that is on your necessity list, but because it is quite an expensive element to have, it is also an element that you cut first when you do not have a large budget. We recently had an event for the Ramble Foundation where we truly missed having fairy lights at the event to add to the ultimate atmosphere.

When you do not have fairy lights, we strongly suggest still having mood lights like par can lights to make sure the venue still has an ambiance. Candles also add a warm and cozy feeling that could assist your event not to miss the fairy lights.

2. Having live entertainment and a DJ

Don’t we all think, ‘how difficult can it be to be a DJ?’ You just create a playlist and then let it play.’ Well it is not as simple as that. You actually have to read your crowd, play a few songs that group well together and take requests. Sometimes you feel that you really do not have budget left to book a DJ for your event, however it is a complete necessity and something that cannot be overlooked.

If you really can’t afford having live entertainment at your event, we suggest bringing in an affordable DJ. They usually have a large library of songs to work from that will fit with most crowds and as they are the professionals, they have a way of reading what people’s needs are in the moment. Therefore, a playlist is definitely not the solution.

3. Professional Photographs

A cellphone’s photo quality has improved drastically over the last couple of years and sometimes at informal events it will be sufficient enough to utilize cellphone photos for marketing and social media. However, we believe that a photo speaks a thousand words and a high-quality photograph taken by a professional photographer will definitely ‘sell’ a product or service to a current or possible client much better than any photo taken by a cellphone. Professional photographers know how to strategically take a photo at the angle that works the best and with the correct lighting so that an average element looks amazing on the photograph.

Photographs of an event or wedding is a wonderful way to market your company. If you have sponsors at your event, it not only serves as a marketing element for your company but for them as well. Therefore, you can increase your number of sponsors you get on board for an event as you will have beautiful images you can utilize after the event to build a portfolio.

We suggest approaching a photography student who wants to grow their portfolio if you do not have allocated budget for a professional photographer. They tend to assist with photographing your event for marketing as well as to increase their images for their portfolio.

4. Travel cost to collect sponsored items or any items for that matter

It usually is wonderful to receive a sponsored item for your event however where are they located? Does that sponsored item come with delivery? If not, you will need to budget for a travel claim.

We always make sure to ask around to find out if someone is not perhaps driving in the direction of the company to avoid a travel claim for the sponsored item as that might defeat the purpose.

5. Tables and chairs at an event

Don’t we all think that every venue has tables and chairs included in their rental amount? Well, unfortunately, it is not the case. Hiring in tables and chairs that suit your event look and feel can be an expensive task and takes a large chunk away in your budget. Always make sure to budget for these items as you are not sure if the venue includes tables and chairs.