Celebrating talent & growth

This year’s Graduation Ceremony for third years takes place on 6 December at Laurent on Lourensford Wine Estate. The graduation ceremony intends to celebrate every third year’s hard work, dedication and passion throughout their time at Aleit Academy. In addition, we also usually hand out five special awards to students who have excelled in different areas while studying with us. These are:

Aleit Academy Top Academic Performance Award which is awarded to a student who delivered exceptional and consistent standards throughout their three years of studies while balancing their academic and practical training.

Aleit Academy Creativity Award goes to a student who has, throughout their studies, consistently demonstrated exceptional and inventive standards for new ideas and creative innovations for events in any range or area.

Aleit Academy Advancement Award gives recognition to a student who has shown ongoing and consistent advancement in their academic and practical performance. Throughout their time with us, this student has consistently demonstrated exceptional potential, passion and dedication but took a bit of time to grow into their true potential, confidence and strengths.

Aleit Academy Most Promising Event Project Manager Award goes to the student who persistently presented exceptional standards for creating events that meet The Academy’s standards of quality at every level. This student’s passion, attention to detail and dedication to the events industry led to them producing superior-quality events.

Aleit Academy Award of Excellence is effectively our student of the year award. The person who receives this award has excelled in their academic work, as well as in their theoretical and practical execution. They’ve proven that they can be an asset to any organisation, because they consistently exceed expectations and do every task with authentic eagerness and passion. Beyond that, they are also a delight to work with and with close to perfect leadership and delegation skills, this student has the potential to be one of the future best in the industry.