A round-up of updates from each year of study:

A round-up of updates from each year of study:

First Years
We are super-excited for our First Years who will be completing their last three Learner Programmes, as well as their 350 practical hours through DIENS Hospitality. First years, it’s going to be hard work, but with all the practical experience you’ll gain, it will be a phenomenal experience for you all!

Also, well done on all the dedication and work you have been putting into the Helpende Hand Charity Golf Day and the Samaritan’s Feet Cocktail Event, which will be taking place in September and October, individually. Not only will you be hosting two incredible events, but your efforts will ultimately also make a difference in the lives of the communities served by these two non-profit organisations.

Second Years
Second years, congratulations on completing your three learner programmes. For those placed in their external internships, we wish you all the best! And we can’t wait to hear about your experiences and the industry relationships you will gain. Take the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the industry and apply all you’ve learned so far. We know you’ll make us proud!

Congratulations also to Kelly-Ann Turner, Aurore Ferreira, Conrika Human and Lynne Janse van Vuuren who have been selected as the Internal Job Shadowing Students of the Year. Your hard work, dedication and passion shined through and we hope that you continue to shine in your external placements.

Third Years
We’re incredibly proud of our Third Years for completing their final Learner Programme (or as we call it – your thesis) in Project Management. For those of you entering the industry to complete your final specialisation internship placements, we are excited on your behalf.

A lot of time and effort has gone into matching you with placement partners that we feel will be a good fit for you. Embrace all that this immersion in the industry can offer you – all the practical skills you’ll be gaining will prepare you well for the real-life expectations of our industry. We believe you’ll flourish.