10 Interesting Fun Facts About The Aleit Academy

Fun Facts about The Aleit Academy

There are a lot of things you may already know about The Aleit Academy.

Perhaps you already know that The Aleit Academy falls under the umbrella of The Aleit Group.

Perhaps you are aware that we have been presenting an event coordination course for over a decade now, or that we have recently added a Swiss Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management to our academic offering.

By now, it is common knowledge that our campus is located on the picturesque Lourensford Wine Estate, at the foot of the Helderberg Mountains.

Here are some of our favourite fun facts about The Aleit Academy that you probably didn’t know yet!

10 Fun Facts About The Aleit Academy

1. We love coffee:

We live and breathe for good coffee here on campus. Boeretroos mobile coffee station sets up every morning at The Academy to ensure our students and lecturers start their day right. There is also a lovely coffee shop on Lourensford called The Coffee Roasting Company, and we support them quite often as well.

Fun Facts about The Aleit Academy

2. Every day is a gym day:

We often joke with our students that they might as well cancel their gym memberships, as every day is a gym day at The Academy. Apart from the fact that our campus has a quaint little gym, our students’ practical hours definitely make up for any gym session missed during the week. We promote general health and fitness tremendously as this not only assists with mental health and clear thoughts but also time management skills.

3. Our Co-Founder is Aleit Swanepoel!

Aleit Swanepoel is the founder and chairman of The Aleit Group and The Aleit Academy. He has been in the event and wedding industry since the year 2000 and started The Aleit Group in 2002. The Aleit Group has successfully grown to build 11 successful entities that serve the events industry. If you didn’t already know, he planned former Miss South Africa, and Miss World, Rolene Strauss’s wedding!

Fun Facts about The Aleit Academy

4. We started with only 5 students!

Yes, you read that right! In 2009 when The Aleit Academy accepted our inaugural class, the entire crop of students could be counted on one hand! Classes took place in a coffee shop and Hans and Aleit shared their knowledge and values with the students while still developing the content. 

Today, our students have a full curriculum that includes 14 learner programs, 1900 practical hours (that include internships) and is accredited by CATHSSETA and QCTO.

5. We have our own, beautiful accommodation.

The Aleit Academy does not have a hostel or accommodation on Lourensford, however, The Aleit Academy purchased 14 off-campus apartments in 2019 in the luxurious The Jade, located in the Paardevlei precinct in Somerset West. These apartments are about 9km from campus, they are semi-furnished and include all major appliances. Bonus, they have uncapped wi-fi! Course fees are exclusive of rent but choosing to rent here means joining a lovely student community!

We have our own, beautiful accommodation

6. 40% of The Aleit Group consists of The Aleit Academy graduates.

The Aleit Group is proud to say that the majority of The Aleit Group and their entities consists of Aleit Academy graduates. 

  • Monique Harris & Mia Scheepers with The Aleit Academy.
  • Nicola Johnson with Aleit Wedding Coordination and The Aleit Academy.
  • Director, Victoria Frank-Clegg, with Aleit Events Johannesburg.
  • Leandri de Leeuw, Francois du Toit, Letitia Riley & Alex-Deene Howard with a |CREATE.
  • Alicia van Staden with Shake and Serve.
  • Annabélle Du Plessis with Bakenhof.

7. Many of our graduates are business owners in the industry.

With almost 250 graduates that have passed through our doors, we are proud to say that over 23 of our graduates in the past 5 years have started their own businesses or have partnered with another graduate to start a business. As much as we love seeing our graduates grow, they have grown to become some of our biggest competitors! I guess that alone speaks to the quality of work our students deliver!

8. 10% of students are international.

Since day 1, The Aleit Academy has been an internationally recognised institution. Over the last 10 years, at least 10% of each year group has been made up of international students from other African countries including Zimbabwe and Namibia, as well as other international destinations, including Dubai, France, the UK, etc. We also partner with amazing companies internationally that take on some of our students as interns which grows their knowledge on how other cities and countries do business.

Fun Facts about The Aleit Academy

9. Students can complete International Internships.

This fun fact is two-fold: A – The Diploma in Event Coordination is a two-year course that we have stretched over three years due to B – all the practical training required to successfully complete your studies. As we have mentioned above our students often get excited about the opportunity of an international internship.

So, where do our students go? The world is your oyster! We have had students in all corners of the world, including Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Dubai, Qatar and even Hawaii!

10. Our Diploma in Event Coordination focuses on practical experiences and being job-ready

The Aleit Academy team and faculty has been and will always be committed to provide support and guidance to our students individually. We pride ourselves to prepare our students to be job-ready and prepared for any career in the hospitality and events industry.

Alongside our dedicated Placement coordinators for 2nd and 3rd year students we arrange successful external internships within the industry for the periods between August and December 2022. Practical experience has always been the main focus of our Diploma in Event Coordination from day one and we will continue to maintain our relationships with other industry professionals to provide the best experiences to our students.

We have an amazing new academic partnership with César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.


To conclude.

There is so much more to learn about The Aleit Academy, and we can’t wait to share it with all our students throughout their journey with us!


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